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neon: Micro-Cap -) Bounds Error - Fixed an internal out of bounds error. -) Desktop Permission error - Was not recognizing certain drives and desktop folders in Windows 7 and 8 as writable locations and issuing a Permission Denied message. -) Rerun - Fixed an error when stepping caused a return trip through the setup code. -) Text Search - Crashed if you did a text search on a schematic while still in an analysis mode. -) Text Search - Locked up if you did a text replace with a blank search string. -) Text Color - Several text color attributes were not being saved in the file correctly. -) Power Expressions - Created better trapping for over/under flows. -) Harmonic Distortion - 'All' is now the default in the curve selector list box. -) MOSFET Junction Current - Fixed a problem in computing MOSFET junction current. -) AC FFT Norm Calculation - Fixed a problem in computing the FTT / Norm function. -) Hasp Key Type - The HASP key type is now displayed in the Statistics dialog box (ALT+Z). -) Slope Calculation - Fixed a problem in the Slope calculation when both cursors are on the same point. -) HASP Library - Updated the HASP library from haspw32.lib to libhasp_windows.lib.. -) Warning Bug - Fixed a minor bug in the Warning statement. -) Color Property - Color property had incorrect status bar text "Label Background". -) Dynamic DC - In Dynamic DC the use of the Up/Down arrows lost any tolerance information. (e.g. 10K LOT=10% became 10K). -) AC Noise - A wider variety of variables are now available in AC Noise analysis. -) Performance Functions - Fixed a problem with period and frequency performance functions when used on digital wavefroms. -) Table Sources - Table sources may now contain expressions like {(TEMP-8)/2}. -) Disabled Components - Components on disabled local macro pages are now being correctly flaged as disabled. -) Enhanced Expression Usage - .Nodeset commands can now handle expressions like .NODESET V(Charge)={SOC*CELLS*VCELL}'. -) Pin Names - Numeric pins names for macros are not recommended due to confusion with nodes names. The program now appends PIN_ to the front of a numeric node name to minimize conflict. -) AC Polar Plot - The AC Polar chart can now use tokens. -) OPAMP Model - Fixed a bug in the OPAMP model that caused a problem when VCC and VEE are the same node. как видно, обновление исправляет множество ошибок. Демонстрационная версия соответственно обновилась до

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