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neon: Micro-Cap -) Key ID - A Key ID number is now printed when there is a Key error on startup. -) SPICE files - Improved the handling of SPICE A devices. -) Model program - Removed code that limited log range to 8 decades. -) Coupled inductors - Fixed a bug that caused circuits with coupled inductors using initial conditions to sometimes fail the operating point calculation. -) Expressions - Fixed a bug that caused variables named IMPORT to be confused with the Import function. -) Optimizer - Improved Optimizer cleanup to remove residual settings. -) Optimizer - Fixed a bug in the Optimizer when FMAX was used. -) Optimizer - Dynamic AC optimizer was optimizing the DC variable rather than the AC variable -) Optimizer - Improved Powell's handling of constraints

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Орлёнок: 10 версия тоже обновляется, список изменений пока не доступен. MC10.1.0.4_cracked

litvinoven: Орлёнок Спасибо, работает.

Emc: xttps://files.fm/u/vjavsxw file MC10_015KJ_UP.rar - последнее обновление для MC10. вход: ru-board PW: emc1945

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