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neon: программа обновилась, но на официальном сайте информации по обновлению пока нет.

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neon: не прошло и полгода: Micro-Cap -) Multiple MC11 instances - You can now run simultaneous copies of MC11. Secondary instances can not edit the the *.cmp, *.shp, *.tbl, *.pkg files. -) Motor models - Added DC stepper and AC induction motor models and test circuits. -) Plots - When analysis plots share a common X axis, the axis scale is shown only once at the bottom producing a more compact display. -) Plots - Fixed several aesthetic problems with polar plots. -) Macro probing - Fixed a macro probing problem. -) Text select - Text in a page with overflowing text did not select properly. -) Encryption - Improved text encryption. -) Default button - Corrected a problem with Default and Set Default buttons on the Properties dialog box. -) Monte Carlo - The Monte Carlo Exception report was not reporting the new component tolerances for R, L, C, B and I. -) Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo cases that trigger a "Report When" (exception) report are now colored red in the MC case list box. -) Worst Case - Worst Case now handles R, L, and C tolerances when there is also a model tolerance.

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