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neon: Вышла новая версия. Обновил: Micro-Cap -) Find Component - MC11 now saves the Find Component command dialog box settings. -) Analysis Limits - A semicolon (;) may now be used as a comment marker in the X and Y expression and range fields. -) Undo - Undo works better in the analysis limits dialog box and in other RTF text. -) Import command - Import now can optionally import local subcircuits used by other subcircuits. -) Import command - Added a memo to the Component Import wizard. -) Rubberbanding - Fixed a crash that occurred when using the rubberbanding feature. -) Filter Designer - Fixed an error that occurred in the Elliptic section of the Filter Designer. -) Sample Circuits - Added "Vacuum Tubes" and "Oscillators" sample circuits. -) Expressions - Added URAMP() and U() functions. -) Migrate command - The Migrate command now copies files with a .cir extension that are in the library folder assuming that they are macro circuits. -) Print Preview - Fixed a problem with Print Preview when using two monitors.

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Emc: Пароль есть на страницах данной темы. Поищите.

litvinoven: Emc Вышел Micro-Cap 12. Перспективы есть?

Emc: Для начала нужен оригинальный дистрибутив или исполняемые файлы! У меня их пока нет. Скачал демо12. Положу в папку МС11.

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